Comissions (Terms & Conditions)

1.) By purchasing a commission you agree to pay the full amount up front before the commission is started PokeCat agrees to send you full updates whenever possible. The commission is not started until payment is received in full.
2.) You agree that commercial usage of any product will be discussed with PokeCat, including but not limited to: Merchandise, promo work, and other items. All wholesale items using PokeCat's work will require a royalty fee of at least 5%.
3.) You agree that your purchase is non-refundable after the sketch and linework phase.
4.) You agree you will not trace over artowrk, including sketches, sent before the completed commission without expressed written permission from PokeCat herself.
5.) You agree that you will not claim the artwork is your own in any way, and will not remove any watermarks or signatures placed on the artwork, and will give credit where possible.
6.) You agree that your commissioned piece will not be used for hate or slander in any way.
7.) You agree that all exchanged information during the commission period will remain confidential.